The Following Pages are Honors and Awards
that was awarded to the
Members of Tacoma Chapter

Washington DeMolay Convention Awards
Membership Awards - Coming Soon
Merit Bars - Coming Soon
Chevalier Cross of Honor

The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor which can be granted to an Active DeMolay. It is given for distinguished service to DeMolay.

The Cross of Honor is given for distinguished service as a DeMolay Advisor, and requires a minimum of 3 years of service.
Past Master Councilor
Meritorious Service Award
Legion of Honor

The coveted Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Service Award, is given in recognition of and outstanding term of Chapter activity as planned and executed by the Master Councilor,
the Chapter, and its officers.


The Legion of Honor is the highest honor of any kind conferred by DeMolay International. It is given for distinguished service to DeMolay or to society in some field of endeavor. The Active Legion is given to Senior DeMolays. The Honorary Legion is awarded to Master Masons who are not Senior DeMolays.
Lamp of Knowledge Representative DeMolay Award

The Lamp of Knowledge is given to anyone (Brother, Advisor, Parent, Sorority) who completes the five lessons of the Leadership Correspondence Course.

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The Representative DeMolay Award, which is more commonly referred to as the RD Award, is the highest self-achievement distinction a DeMolay can earn.  It signifies that he has analyzed his strengths and weaknesses in abilities, knowledge and skills.

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for the highest self-achievement award Active
and Senior DeMolays can earn.