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The Order of the Squires of the Round Table is an organization for young men that is an appending body of DeMolay. The goal of the Squires is to allow boys from 10 through 12 years of age an opportunity to participate in some of the fun activities of DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work that is part of DeMolay. The basic organization is called a "Manor" (e.g., The Vancouver Manor of the Order of the Squires of the Round Table). Each Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay Chapter.

The Squires have their own ritual work, which is designed to be easy to learn, and to teach moral lessons they can understand. They meet in a Masonic Lodge room, or in a room set up as though it was a Masonic Lodge room. They have seven officers:

Master Squire -- in the East
Senior Squire -- in the West
Junior Squire -- in the South

Squire Treasurer -- At Secretary's desk in the South East
Squire Recorder -- Next to Treasurer at desk in the South East
Squire Chaplain -- in the South East
Squire Marshal -- Next to Chaplain in the South East

A Dad Advisor, who is a member of the Advisory Council is present at all Squire meetings and functions, and has overall responsibility for the Manor. The Dad Advisor sits in the East, on the left of the Master Squire.

In addition, a DeMolay, whose title is Sir Knight, serves as an assistant advisor. He is appointed by the Master Councilor of the Sponsoring DeMolay Chapter and approved by the Chapter Advisory Council. The Sir Knight sits in the East, on the right of the Master Squire.

The term of office can be from four to six months. It is hoped that each Squire will progress through the various elected offices, beginning as Junior Squire and ending as Master Squire, but it is not required. The Sir Knight's term is six months, and can be extended for an additional six months at the discretion of the Dad Advisor and the Master Councilor. During each term, the Master Squire should plan at least one "Fun Activity." This can be anything that the Master Squire wants, but must be approved by the Sir Knight and the Dad Advisor.

When meeting, the Squires should follow Robert's Rules of Order, as they apply in Masonic functions. Use of the gavel is the same as in other Masonic functions. Also, no one is allowed to speak until recognized by the Master Squire, and they always stand while speaking. This also applies to the Sir Knight and the Dad Advisor.

The meetings should last no longer than an hour. It is recommended that the meetings be scheduled on the same nights that the sponsoring DeMolay chapter meets. The Squires should be invited into the DeMolay meeting along with the Royalty/Sorority, Parents Club, and other guests, and should be recognized by the Master Councilor.

The emblem of the Squires is a circle, representing the top of a round table. It is Royal Blue, with a Gold border. It has one vertical Gold line and one horizontal Gold line, dividing the circle into four equal quadrants. In the upper left quadrant is the DeMolay emblem. In the upper right quadrant is a gavel, laid horizontally. In the lower right quadrant is a book with the word "Wisdom" on its cover. In the lower left quadrant is a sword, pointing upward.

When meeting, the Altar is covered with a round table top, decorated as described above, but without the gavel, book, or sword. A bible is placed in the center of the Round Table, where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. At the Master Squire's station are two gavels (one ceremonial, and one to use). At the Senior Squire's station is a sword, and at the Junior Squire's station is a book with the word "Wisdom" on its cover.

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